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CATCH A CRITTER INC. offers thorough and the most up to date effective methods of wildlife removal services for homes and businesses in the industry.
When you have been infested by raccoons, squirells, opossums, bats, birds, mice, rats,etc. know that we have been in business since 1985 removing nuisance wildlife from homes and businesses quickly and efficiently for over 30 years.

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Servicing nassau and suffolk counties in long island ny for over 30 years is why we are the leader in the industry.
The name says it all when we do detailed assessments of your home, business or property to determine any entry points and recommend ways to secure those areas and help with preventative products and steps to insure any future wildlife conflicts stay in the wild.
Wildlife may be cute, but after they entered the property or structure they can do considerable damage to your roofline, attic, vents, lawn, etc.
Certain species can carry diseases which can affect your family, pets, or home.
Catch A Critter Inc. can remove nuisance wildlife and repair the damage they have caused.
Contact Catch A Critter Inc. today and with our help we can eliminate your wildlife conflict and make any necessary repairs to help insure your structure is wildlife free.



Wildlife Removal

Catch A Critter Inc. will do a complete inspection of the premises to determine which wildlife conflict you are having and address situation with up to date methods of trapping and or exclusion of nuisance wildlife.
Every nuisance wildlife conflict is different and should be handled in that manner.
With over 30 years of handling wildlife you can feel at ease knowing that Catch A Critter Inc. can handle any situation.
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Catch A Critter Inc. can make all necessary repairs once the wildlife conflict has been resolved.
Damaged areas may be facias, soffits, shingles, gable vents, roof vents, attic fans, chimneys, insulation, decks, etc.
All repairs can be made by one of our qualified professionals.
With over 30 years of handling repairs you can feel at ease knowing that Catch A Critter Inc. can handle any situation.
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Catch A Critter Inc. can help with preventative methods and products to help with any future wildlife conflicts.
Preventing future wildlife conflicts is a task for any company but with proper assessment of structure many if not all areas can be protected with custom made covers for attic fans, gable vents, roof vents, chimney caps, tree trimming, deck sealing, etc.
With over 30 years of handling prevention you can feel at ease knowing that Catch A Critter Inc. can handle any situation.
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When it comes to prevention and products this is key to help with nuisance wildlife from gaining access into structure.

We handle all solar panel wildlife exclusion and sealing perimeter of solar panels.

We handle all attic wildlife exclusion and restoration.
Please have a look at some of the preventative products we carry and install. Here are some pictures of damage we have repaired.

Attic Restoration

Solar Panel Sealed

Roof Vent

Bat House

Bathroom Vent Cover

Chimney Caps

Attic Fan Cover

Bathroom/Dryer Vent

Gable Vents

Squirrel Damage

New Gable Vent

New Cupola

New Prefab Cap

New Roof Vent

Raccoon Damage

Catch A Critter Inc. can handle any and all repairs that was caused by wildlife damage.
Preventative products and installations are also available.



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Wildlife removal in long island ny
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